Low-income students have less access to academic opportunities compared to their higher-income peers. This is especially true in the summer. The lack of summer learning accounts for half of their achievement gap.



Throughout the summer, low-income students lose more than two months of math and reading skills, while their middle-income peers make gains. This creates an achievement gap that we can’t ignore.



As students go from grade to grade, the achievement gap gets wider. As adults, the low-income students take lower skilled jobs, creating an increasing wealth gap and continuing the cycle with the next generation.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of sponsoring each of our 1,105 students this summer

Silicon Valley is a hub of growth and innovation. But for some, opportunity isn’t so accessible. Low-income kids in Menlo Park do not have access to as many learning opportunities as their higher-income peers. That’s why the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula partnered with Ravenswood School District to create the Summer Learning Academy. An academy in which, every day, low-income students receive three hours of instruction in math, reading and science from certified teachers and five hours of enrichment.

This summer, 1,105 rising 1st-5th grade students will participate in BGCP’s Summer Learning Academies in East Palo Alto, eastern Menlo Park, and Redwood City. The Academies serve students at six school sites: four Redwood City School District schools, and two Ravenswood City School District schools.

Students receive 3.5 hours of math and literacy instruction delivered by certified teachers every morning, followed by 3 hours of innovation-themed enrichment in art, science, and outdoor activity every afternoon though our partnership with Galileo Learning. District teachers lead daily instruction with support from BGCP instructors and trained volunteers in each class, allowing for a student-to-instructor ratio as low as 5:1.

Programming occurs Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4pm, over five weeks, providing over 150 hours of learning for students who would otherwise not have access to structured summer programming that prevents learning loss.

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities or a tour of the facilities, please to email us. Partner with BGCP to provide students with summer learning. It’s not too late to support!

Our Goals For The Summer

Preventing summer learning loss:


80% of students avoid summer learning loss

Increasing academic achievement:


50% of students demonstrate an increase in writing skills


65% of students demonstrate an increase in math skills

Providing a positive, engaging environment:


80% of students report feeling safe at the summer program


80% of students agree that the summer program is fun

Developing trusting adult relationships:


90% of students identify BGCP staff as caring, supportive adults