Instructions: Updating the Bar Counters

Click here to edit the homepage in a new window:

The page editor should open like this.

Figure 1:

Take note of the Update button, indicated by the green arrow, but don’t click that yet. Rather, scroll down until you find this section.

Figure 2:

Click on the three parallel lines (often called a hamburger) to edit either of these bars. Clicking on the hamburger in the Total Raised Bar will result in this:

Figure 3:

Click on the hamburger again next to 300 students. Note the Save & Exit button but don’t push that yet.

Figure 4:

Here is where you enter the new numbers. Type in the new number of students and the revised percent. The percent number controls the length of the bar. 0 is no bar; 100 is full length.

Click Save at the bottom of that screen. That will take you back to the screen in Figure 3. Click Save & Exit.

That will take you back to the screen in Figure 2.

Next update the Amount Required Bar, repeating the steps for Figures 3 and 4. As the Total Raised Bar goes up, the Amount Required Bar should decrease. When you’ve finished your edits, click Save, then Save & Exit.

When that is complete, scroll back to the top of the page as shown in Figure 1, and click Update. The page will update after that button is clicked.

View the homepage in another window and give it a check. Your update should be complete.


1) Next to the hamburger icon is another icon with two squares. You don’t want to click that by mistake. If you do, it will duplicate the bar. If you end up with two bars, click the X icon at the right. That will delete it. Be careful with those two buttons.

2) If you think you made a mistake, close all your editing windows and start again from scratch. Your changes will not be saved. Go to:
then reload this instruction page:
(you might want to bookmark those links)
and start again from the top. Ignore any “Autosave” warnings you may see.